Battle City - Clash of the Five Points

The first ever all-city battle in Calgary is taking place this September and October! Teams representing the best of the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, and Deep South will battle all out with only one team emerging victorious as the top area in Calgary! 

Leading up to the finals, a 2-on-2 youth battle will be held in each area, for 5 battles total, to determine the top young dancers for that area. These young dancers will combine with coaches and top picks from their area all with one sole purpose… To smoke all of the other areas in battle!

Click on any of the area battles below for its Facebook event page with all the details:

Sun, Sept 23. Battle City Southwest Throwdown

Sat, Sept 29. Battle City Southeast Throwdown

Sun, Sept 30. Battle City Northwest Throwdown

Sat, Oct 6. Battle City Northeast Throwdown

Sun, Oct 7. Battle City Deep South Throwdown